Talaat Captan

Best Aviation studio of all time- Talaat Captan Air Hollywood

Are you looking for shooting an iconic airport shot and confused which one to opt for? Stop worrying and have a visit at Talaat Captan Air Hollywood once. Talaat Captan have come a significantly long way since his start in the television industry. Being a believer and enthusiast Talaat started building his dream project- Air Hollywood once he faced some problems. The challenges that he mainly faced was in his film “Ground Control” about shooting an iconic shot in airport. This is when he realized that he needs to give a thought to this process for better results in future. After his aviation studio was set up it encouraged thousands of movie directors to work with airport shots. This is when widely famous series like “Pretty Little Liars” and “Wolf Of Wall street” was shot.

He almost set up a benchmark for the new generation movies with his brain child Talaat Captan Air Hollywood. Once his this dream was proclaimed he came up with several new inspirational ideas like Open sky for autism, Fearless Flight and Apex stock. To everyone’s surprise this idea became one of the most renowned ones also after its completion.  

About the man behind reality

Talaat Captan have several differentiated works which became best over the years. He has always acted as one of the multifunctional activists be it in television industry or in film. Talaat Captan along with his team members raised a gross amount of $2billion for television based properties and support facilities as well. After various discussions with his team members Talaat Captan established his dream project head quartered in Los Angeles. 

Give yourself a chance to visit the black and white era of Pan Am experience

If you also have a significant dream of visiting the nostalgic Pan Am then just visit Talaat Captan Air Hollywood. He with his extraordinary intelligence have brought back the significant retro themed dining experience. If you are thinking that it will be any other airport themed restaurant then you are wrong this time. After entering the restaurant it is  a definite fact that you will be taken aback. Everything from uniform of the waitress to interiors are completely based on the historic Pan Am 747. You will be able to relieve those magical moments of all time once you enter the restaurant. In some cases this restaurant has also been featured in some of the famous movies and series as well. The reason this restaurant becomes a top priority for you to visit is because it is like a walk down your memory lane.

Improve the virtual reality of your films with exclusive stock footage clips

One of the desirable and brilliant concepts proclaimed by Talaat Captan is definitely the Apex stock measure. He designed the entire licensing programme to keep a basic amount of stock for all kinds of video necessities. He invested on the basic state of the art digital asset with proclaimed stock footage editors of all time. This have secured his long term loyal customer base with National geographic, Corbis Motion and other renowned media participants of all time. Each of footage are analyzed and verified by editors and then only sold to get a certain base of customers.

Open sky for Autism

In most cases the issue that happens is that special children are not given appropriate importance.This challenge in most cases creates a deep impact on their mental stability and effect. However Talaat Captan’s new initiative have improvised this measure considerably over time. The programme includes airplane training for special children in which they are provided adequate measures. Each of the measures provides them with several airplane training process and security requirements.  Other than this programme there are Fearless Flight and K9 flight school as well which gives assistance to all kinds of people to improve their confidence. This definite sessions and therapies proclaimed by Talaat Captan have emotionally own the hearts of various people.

If you also have a fear of air travel then visit Talaat Captan Air Hollywood once. If you visit it will definitely take a place in your heart. Other than enjoying the holly wood experience the place will also provide you with training sessions to improve your confidence.