Talaat Captan Air Hollywood

If you want to experience truly memorable aviation and dining, the authentic aviation experience awaits at Air Hollywood – a place where any airplane or airport scene becomes a reality for the silver screen.

Founded in 1998 by an iconic exemplar and billionaire entrepreneur Talaat Captan’s, Air Hollywood is the world’s largest aviation motion picture studio that caters to the aviation requirements of the film and television industry in Los Angeles. With over 30 years of experience in the film and television industry, Talaat Captan’s versatile and visionary stance has given birth to this brainchild, Air Hollywood that has solved and encouraged several Airport set-up shoots for various purposes including films, television shows, music videos and commercials. The studio’s sets have been featured in some of the iconic films and television shows such as ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Get Him to the Greek’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. Besides airplane mockups and airport terminal standing sets, Air Hollywood also provides prop rentals, fabrication services and set design licensing.

Presently, apart from encouraging television and commercial productions, Air Hollywood is also into educational programs, stock footage licensing through the proprietary online licensing platform, ApexStock.com, and other design licensing programs. Air Hollywood aims at encouraging confidence in flying by administering public programs including Fearless Flight, Open Sky for Autism, and K9 Flight School. With his future-forward visionary mind-sets, Talaat Captan has made an effort to use his aviation-themed studio to change the lives of Autism people and their families by educating them to overcome all their fear and fly safely.

Additionally, Talaat’s weekly retro-airline themed fine dining show, popularly known as Talaat Captan Pan Am Experience at Air Hollywood was designed to replicate the dining and flying experience on the airline in the 1970s, providing all-flight ingredients to ensure nostalgic and superior flying experience to the visitors.

Talaat’s biggest two ventures “Air Hollywood” and “Pan Am Experience” have helped him provide immersive and authentic aviation experiences to his customers and establish long-term relationships with his high-profile clients, including all the major Hollywood studios, television networks, independent producers, and advertisers. Under many speculations, Talaat Captan has always followed his heart and his distinctive personality traits have helped him set up a new benchmark in the film and television industry. Air Hollywood has helped him develop his business and establish recurring revenue with his major clients including Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, HBO and more. He is constantly striving to improvise and expand his business to cover all the aspects of film and television industry including original productions, flight training, value-added services, visual effects, and educational programming. Talaat Captan is well-known for challenging the status quo, taking risks and pioneering disruptive technologies, formats and workflow processes. His strength lies in his expertise in developing new business concepts, attracting new investors and talent, raising funds, building multi-disciplinary production teams, and producing high-value projects globally. Over 30 years, Air Hollywood has already witnessed the production of innumerable films, television shows, music videos and commercials that have exceptionally portrayed the reality of airline industry in some way or the other and wishes to see more productions by providing excellent service to its clients.